*Players are limited to a maximum of 2 doubles draws and 2 singles draws

Singles Draws August 10th - 14th

Doubles Draws August 7th - 10th


Play on weekdays will start at 5pm or later. Play on weekends may begin as early as 8am.


Event Registration
Players may register for a maximum of one (1) singles event and two (2) doubles events.
(if applicable)
For check, please enter the check number and payable to: Wisehaven Tennis Center
Include above any information that should be considered during the seeding process (ie. High School team/position, College team/position, USTA ranking etc.)
By signing above, the participating player agrees to adhere to all tournament rules and regulations, abide by the decisions of the tournament referee and tournament directors, and releases the York City-County Tennis Tournament, it’s directors, and the City of York from liability of injury that may occur during the course of the tournament. Players acknowledge that all event participation is undertaken at their own choosing, and in the event of a violation of rules or misconduct their right to participate in the (and future editions of the) York City-Count may be revoked by the tournament and/or the City of York. Copies of Rules and conduct policies may be found attached to this form.