Residency Requirements

Beginning in 2010, residency requirements were eliminated. All players are eligible to participate in the 2011 York City-County Tennis Tournament.

Playing Times and Match Schedules

Players and teams must be available for play on every day the event or events they have entered are scheduled. Matches scheduled on week nights will begin no earlier than 5:00 PM with a second round of matches at 6:30 PM. If necessary, a final round starting no later than 8:00pm may be contested on lighted courts at an offsite location. Those players who require a preferred start time must indicate this in the space provided on the registration form. Play on the weekend may begin as early as 9:00 AM and run as late as necessary to stay on schedule. Early rounds of singles draws may require players to play two matches in one day.

Players should consult the tournament website and/or local newspapers (The York Daily Record and The York Dispatch) for all start times; if a discrepancy is noted between the two sources (website/ newspapers), the time on the website should be considered correct as last-minute changes will be posted at that location only.

Tournament Format

Players should be at their assigned site no later than 15 minutes before their match is scheduled to begin. Warm-ups are limited to 10 minutes and play is continuous. Matches are best-of-three sets with standard tie-breaks at 6-all in each set. For all singles matches the third set will be full (standard) set, except on Friday evening where it will be a 10 point super tie-break. All doubles events will include a super tie-break in lieu of a third set. The tournament director reserves the right to change the format and scoring of all events in order to complete the tournament on time.

If entering more than one event, players and teams should be prepared to play up to 3 matches on any day if necessary. Players involved in two matches on a week night must be prepared to play at 5:00 PM in order to have sufficient time to complete their second match. Singles and doubles first-match losers will continue into a consolation bracket (contingent upon numbers). Players/teams unable to participate in the consolation draw should inform tournament officials at check-in.

Inclement Weather

Matches will be scheduled for each day regardless of the weather forecast. In the event of rain or otherwise inclement weather, players should check the website to determine if conditions have forced the postponement of any matches. If rain forces the postponement of matches, those matches will be rescheduled for the next available day. If there is any doubt as to the current weather conditions, players should go to their designated playing sites as rain may affect one site, but not another.

General Rules of Contact

Out of courtesy for both opponents and fans, players should call the score prior to each service point. If there is any doubt about a call and the ball is not seen clearly landing out-of-bounds, then the shot is considered good. Continuous violations, such as foot faults, questionable line calls, etc. should be addressed or brought to the attention of a tournament official. The York City-County follows USTA Rules and Guidelines as laid out in the official USTA rulebook.

Questions regarding registration can be directed to