Player Team Availability

Since the actual schedule of play is not determined until after the official draw ceremony has taken place, it is impossible to predict what times a player or team will compete, so all participants must be available for each day of the tournament. Participants are advised to consult the Projected Tournament Schedule when deciding which events to participate in. Semifinal and finals matches are denoted on the tournament schedule and will not be moved without the express consent of the tournament director. These two rounds are set specifically to provide the local media outlets time to prepare and schedule their coverage of the tournament; these two rounds will not move unless impacted by weather or to facilitate media coverage of the event.

Noting Conflicts of Availability

Participants should indicate any conflicts with scheduled playing times, but not all requests can be accommodated since the tournament is running on a compacted schedule over four days rather than the traditional two weeks from past years. Scheduling conflicts not listed on the registration form prior to the tournament’s start may result in a default if alternative scheduling options are not available. Participants who are not available for an entire day of the tournament may not be accepted into the draw if the conflict creates an insurmountable scheduling challenge within the event.

Player Availability Once Times are Announced

Once the schedule of play is posted on the tournament website, it is considered final and cannot be moved either in time or location without the express consent of a tournament official. Each day’s schedule will be created in an effort to honor those conflicts reported prior to the start of the event. Players should honor the posted start times in the spirit of fair play. Matches that have not begun within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time, unless notification of delay has been received, may be declared walkovers.

Projected Tournament Schedule

The projected tournament schedule shown on the tournament website is a preliminary schedule only and is subject to change in the event of inclement weather, changes in projected draw size, and at the discretion of the tournament director when needed to complete the tournament on time. Players should expect to play on everyday of the tournament especially if entered in more than one draw.

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